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Tiger JMail is a direct replacement for Sun's javamail, but with an LGPL license and fewer bugs. TJ works with both the Kaffe and Sun JVMs. It's tested, maintained, and in active use. TJ works well, but there's lots of room for improvement. Hop in!


To install, just put the distribution jar file in your classpath. You can rename it to javamail.jar if you like.

Because Sun's JVM uses its own javamail by default, to use Tiger JMail add this to your command line:

Use the full pathname to TJ's jar in place of "javamail.jar". With the Kaffe JVM just put TJ in the classpath as usual.

The jar file also contains source and docs. Source files are in the same directories as the executable class files. An open source replacement for Sun's Java Activation Framework is also included.

If you want to rebuild from source, rename the jar to .zip and extract the files into a fresh directory. At a command prompt in that directory type

ant clean
ant build

See the documentation for java.mail.Session for details on TJ's logging support. To generate javadocs, use

ant api

TJ is a fork of the last LGPL version of the classpathx mail project, plus critical bug fixes and enhancements. See the file docs/mail/whyforked for details. Thanks to the classpathx people for the enormous amount of work they contributed.


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